7 programming languages to get a job in ISRO

Here are seven programming languages and skills that can be beneficial for a career at ISRO:


These languages are widely used in embedded systems and low-level programming, which are crucial for developing software for spacecraft and satellite systems.


Python is a versatile language used for various tasks, including data analysis, scientific computing, and automation. It's handy for handling data collected from satellites and for various ground control systems 


Java is used in software development for various purposes, including web applications and Android-based control systems for satellites and spacecraft. 


MATLAB is a popular tool for numerical and data analysis, which is essential for processing data collected from space missions and for simulation purposes. 


Although not as commonly used as some other languages, FORTRAN is still used in certain legacy systems and scientific computing applications within ISRO. 


Having knowledge of assembly language is valuable for understanding and optimizing code at a low level, which is important for embedded systems programming and ensuring optimal performance in space environments. 


SQL is used for managing and querying databases, which is essential for storing and retrieving data related to space missions. 


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